Courses: draw, painting, restoration

Vecchio Atelier d’Artista offers you:

  • Restoration, painting, fresco and drawing course are all available in Umbria (Italy) at the Vecchio Atelier d’Artista by Barbara Mencarelli
  • Design course
  • Painting course
  • Decoration course
  • Restoration course


The courses organised by Vecchio Atelier d’Artista and guided by Barbara Mencarelli are open to all people that love art: to people who want improve their ability in drawing and painting, to young people attend art-school or institute and wish increase their experience, to people who have never drawed or painted, both baby and middle aged or old-aged.
A certificate will be released at the end of each course.
The courses are even for a restricted number of pupils.

How long does the course last: (each lesson lasts 4h)

  • Two month course – 2 lessons per week (excluded restoration)
  • Compact two month restoration course (for those coming from outside the region) – 5 lessons per week
  • Four month course – 1 lesson per week (excluded restoration)
  • Six month course – 1 lesson per week (excluded restoration)
  • One year course – 4 lessons per month (including restoration)