Vecchio Atelier d’Artista takes care of professionally preserving artworks, with the object of preventing damages due to time and neglect, through a yearly inspection and cleaning, whether they are artworks or historical or religious buildings (churches, parish churches, shrines).

It is a direct service, for people or corporations that want to be looked after by experts with a long experience in the industry, as required to ensure quality works and professional, consistent services.


This service is open to:

  • private people
  • public institutions and organisations (municipalities)
  • church bodies, such as parishes and bishoprics, for the preservation of large-size buildings or even small churches, parish churches, shrines; maintenance and restoration of frescoes, stuccoes, removal of fumes and inspection of altar cloth and holy vessels.

The yearly maintenance service prevents the costly and demanding restorations which can be partly avoided through our regular care and through the professional inspection and cleaning that we will perform on your work once a year.
This yearly inspection offers the extra benefit that the “history” of the work is always at hand, and if substantial maintenance is required it is certainly much easier.
The pros

  • to have the state of your works always under control
  • to take prompt action if restoration is needed
  • to avoid the high costs of major restoration works
  • to amortise the costs involved in restoration works by sharing them out over several yearly works, if possible
  • much more accurate works than one single work on heavily damaged artworks
  • to avoid, for buildings under planning or landscape restrictions, the long bureaucratic times involved in major restoration works.


Work methods:
After a meeting with the owner and an inspection of the artwork or structure, the works to be carried out are mutually agreed upon. At the end of the work, a report inclusive of the work schedule completed or to be completed, to be updated once a year, is drawn up and submitted.




List of services:

  • Before- and after- photographic report
  • Cleaning of frescoes and tempera paintings, sky and ground
  • Cleaning of wooden works
  • Cleaning of gilt works
  • Cleaning of stuccoes
  • Cleaning of plaster works
  • Cleaning of marble and stones
  • Cleaning of paintings on canvas
  • Cleaning of paintings on wood
  • Cleaning of paper materials
  • Cleaning of altar cloth and holy vessels (candelabra, votive offerings, etc…)
  • Protective treatments with suitable substances
  • Graphics (if required)
  • Whitewashing of areas in front of decorations (fresco, tempera) to recreate the original in watercolours

Vecchio Atelier d’Artista
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06132 Castel del Piano (Perugia) Italia
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