Restoration and painting courses in Umbria (Italy)
Vecchio Atelier d’Artista is situated in the enchanted “Green Heart” of Italy.
Barbara Mencarelli will teach you the art of painting, restoration and artistic techniques: drawing with lead-pencil, carbon, ink, water colors, tempera, oil painting, fresco painting techniques and various decorations.


Barbara Mencarelli, techniques of fresco painting teacher, decoration and restoration
Barbara Mencarelli is an artist who has explored the possibility of personal expression that art offers in all its form: the love and passion she has for olden-times and antique arts make her a restorator, painter, sculptor and goldsmith.

The choice of drawing courses, painting courses and restoration courses.
Barbara Mencarelli ha a open-minded personality and she is always available. She will be happy to share her experience of life and work through drawing courses, painting, restoration, fresco, decoration and art techniques. The courses are organised continuously in Barbara Mencarelli’s Bottega Vecchio Atelier d’Artista

Art Courses: individual lessons, limited number of enrolees, therapeutic drawing courses.
The experience, the journeys, the experience in life and work, the rich personal baggage of Barbara are all available for those who love art. Every year the number of enrolees are more and more and Barbara teaches people from Italy and all-around the world all the techniques she know: painting, drawing etc… Therapeutic drawing is open to people who want to improve their personal expression through art.

The courses are meant for:

  • Beginners
  • Young people who attend art school and wish to improve their practical skills rapidly
  • Anyone who wants to start art
  • People that want to improve restoration and fresco techniques

There are no age-limits, the important thing is that you have a passion and interest for art.

The opportunity to learn and be followed personally by Barbara Mencarelli in her “Bottega”
Barbara Mencarelli’s art courses are open to all the people who have never drawed, painted or used a carbon but have always dreamed of it. This is the way Barbara gives you the opportunity to be followed personally by her.

Courses programme
The courses are consolidated by practical and theory experience. At the end of each course a frequency and presents certificate will be released.

The courses development
Each course is specific: fresco techniques, restoration techniques, painting and drawing techniques, decoration techniques, painting and drawing techniques, decoration techniques, engraving, gold leaf techniques, stucco, decorated metals or woods ect…
The courses are even for a restricted number of pupils. All the activities can be done in the studio, in the garden, or in the open country.

Feal free to contact us for more information, we are looking forward to see you in Umbria!

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