Barbara Mencarelli: her love to teach art.
Reading my curriculum vitae you’ll see how many things I’ve done, but this is not the point.
I love to teach people who have always dreamed to paint or draw and have never had the courage or the opportunity to do so. Every one can learn to paint or draw even if you don’t become an “artist”.


Why the idea of courses Vecchio Atelier d’Artista
Barbara Mencarelli loves to teach children, adults, middle-age and old people all about the techniques she knows: painting, drawing, restoration, decoration, fresco ect…
A different and clever holiday that will enrich your spirit and mind.
Barbara Mencarelli welcomes you to her Bottega Vecchio Atelier d’Artista in an atmosphere of peace in the mid of sunflower-fields.

Her love for “Art” starts as a child
My love for drawing starts as a child. My father bought paper and colors since he believed in my talent. As time passed my interest in art grew. When I was seven years-old I discovered the scent and beaty of colors, glues, solvents ect… in my grandfather’s studio: my grandfather was an artist and art-teacher at Parma’s Accademia.


My life as an artist
Since then I have always painted, this helps my spirit and allowes-me to run away from all the evil and harm there is in this world saving my mind and soul. I believe in my world of art and I hold on to my spaces, firmly convinced in what I do. As a restorator I’ve been around the world and my country, now I’ve decided to stop and enjoy my studio Vecchio Atelier d’Artista.

Feal free to contact us for more information, we are looking forward to see you in Umbria!

Vecchio Atelier d’Artista
Strada Mandoleto, 11
06132 Castel del Piano (Perugia) Italia
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